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About Us

In mid 2008 under the Leadership of Mr.Vinodh.M an expert in Data Recovery started a firm named Rediscoverers exclusively for Data Recovery Services in a humble manner in Palavanthangal a suburb area of Chennai. It was the time where Assembled Computer Sales & Service was at its peak and Rediscoverers along with Data recovery added another feather to its cap by providing Repair & service for the personal computer users both at home and small offices in the Chennai Area along with Data Recovery.

From year 2010, saw a shift in likes and tastes of Chennai Customers towards Multi-national Branded PCs and Laptops who has already started flooding Indian Market matching Assembled PCs Prices. This was seen as a tremendous opportunity by Rediscoverers to bring our customers additional products, with better product availability, to become a part of the largest franchise in the country and to take advantage of their many amenities made Rediscoverers to dissolve itself in Beyond Repair in February, 2013.

Since then our name has only changed, but not our philosophy!