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Pay As you Wish Support

Pay As You Wish Support is perfect for those companies with a limited IT budget that do not want to have a long term contract.

With PAYWS you only pay for the time you use. Treated like an 'on-demand' type of support, the PAYWS support model is best suited for those companies that prefer to keep their costs down by not having a regular spend on IT support but still like to have that piece of mind that help is available as and when required.

PAYWS support can be used for remote support and on-site support, or even a mixture of both!

  • Want to have our Engineer to site on a regular basis? No problem, pre-book our engineers and we'll arrange a time that suits you best
  • Want us to go to a remote site on your behalf? No problem, just keep us informed.

The possibilities of PAYW support are endless! We can meet almost any requirement that you have and work with you to deliver the best options available for your needs.

Mix and Match

PAYG support can also be mixed and matched with other support models. You can choose to combine a regular support contract for your most important system with Pay As You Wish support for the other non essential systems. For example, you might decide to cover your essentials systems with a 24/7 fixed price support contract but then decide to use PAYWS for your workstations and laptops. We find that this approach works extremely well and ensures that you get maximum flexibility and the most cost efficient method of support.

Block Booking

Sometimes there comes a time when you need to plan ahead and make sure that you have the correct resources available at the right times. Beyond Repair understand that projects such as system upgrades or hardware rollouts take a lot of preparation and planning so having the ability to pre book your IT support is an extremely valuable option.

If you would like to enquire about pre booking our engineers time at a preferential rate contact us now to discuss.