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Remote Employee IT Support

Is your IT department struggling to support corporate devices and personal Laptops?

With the increase in employees working from home or bringing their own devices into the workplace it is essential that businesses are able to offer the same level of IT support to remote worker devices as enjoyed by employees working from the office using company issued machines.

Home machines in general are not subject to regular hardware and software updates and therefore can be incompatible with software accessed via the corporate LAN with the result that documents cannot be downloaded, amended or critical software cannot run. IT departments may not be able to offer the same level of support to remote workers as they can onsite employees for logistical reasons.

BEYOND REPAIR can provide the perfect solution to these problems. By working alongside with clients and IT department we provide a fully remote IT support service to all home workers, bridging the gap between onsite IT resources and home working IT resources. We can even offer onsite IT support for homeworkers where a solution is not available remotely. All of the companies IT policies and procedures are adhered to at all time so information integrity is maintained at all times.